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The fact that chronic nephritis is commonly associated with an excess of the products of intestinal putrefaction was first noted by Biernacki * in 1891. In his studies Biernacki used typical cases of chronic nephritis, uncom- plicated and said to be free from symptoms of intestinal disorder of any kind. In his carefully studied cases the ethereal sulphates were present in greater amount, at least as compared w^ith the preformed sulphates, than in health, and the conclusion is reached that such excess is one of the features of chronic nephritis. The generic arcoxia interest of Bier- nacki's observations is heightened by the fact that while studying the aromatic etoricoxib 60 mg sulphates he made observations also upon the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice in his cases of nephritis and found it to be distinctly decreased in amount. Moreover, there seemed to be a relation between these two classes of order arcoxia findings : when the excretion of putre- factive products was large there was a greater decrease in the amount of HCl secreted and greater evidence of gas- tric disorder than when the aromatic sulphates of the urine were not appreciably increased, f It is, of course, very tempting to go a step further and conclude that the relation just mentioned is to be explained by the fact that the gastric juice normally exerts a powerful influence in checking intestinal putrefaction, while the deficiency in HCl removes this check. And it can not be denied that this absence of IlCl may be an important factor in deter- mining an excess of the aromatic sulphates. But the ori- gin of such excess is probably more complex than this, and we are not even fully assured that the HCl of the gastric juice really plays so important a role as has been ascribed to it in checking intestinal putrefaction. One of the best experimental evidences of its action is that brought for- ward by Kast, arcoxia price \ who showed that the buy arcoxia neutralization of the * Ueber die Darmfaulniss bei arcoxia tablets Nierencntziindung und Icterus. Deutsckes Archiv fur kliniiche Medicin, Band Ixix, Hel't 1, 1891. f Some of Biernacki's figures are appended. ■\. Ueber die qualitative Bemessung der antiseptischen Leistung des Magensaftes. Zeiischrift zur Eroffnung u. s. w., Hamburg, 1889, S. 1. gastric juice by sodium carbonate was followed by an in- creased excretion of the ethereal sulphates. purchase arcoxia online Yet, as von Noorden has indicated, it is by no means certain that this result is the consequence of neutralization of the acidity of the gastric juice. The action of buy arcoxia online the alkali is not limited to the stomach, and its direct effect upon the intestinal con- tents may be such as to favor putrefaction there. Then, again, we have to note the facts which we have observed that the neutralization of the gastric juice by alkalies may liave no appreciable effect on putrefaction, and that the use of HCl by the stomach may have no influence in de- creasing putrefaction. As will be seen by the figures given in connection with the following cases of nephritis, arcoxia 90mg which were kindly put at our disposal by Dr, Northrup and Dr. Hedges, etoricoxib tablets the increased excretion of aromatic sulphates observed by Biernacki was present in a number. In two of the cases (those of I. 0. and R. H.) the ratios are such as belong to health, but inas- much as all the cases were on a milk and broth diet — that is, on a diet which normally reduces the ratio to 1 to 15 purchase arcoxia or 1 to 20 buy cheap arcoxia — we may at least question the normal character of the ratio. In the remaining cases there is no doubt of the excess of aromatic sulphates. In one of the cases of acute nephritis the excess is particularly striking. V^e may con- clude that arcoxia mg some form of excessive intestinal putrefaction is a common occurrence in nephritis. Much more extended observation etoricoxib msd is necessary to order arcoxia online determine what forms of arcoxia online ne- phritis, if any, are especially apt to be thus complicated. Patient aged thirty-two years ; ill three weeks. Free diu- resis for buy etoricoxib three days. Acetate of potassium for the last time arcoxia cost on the 6th. No drugs since that date. Urine contains abundant albumin. Greatly diminished free HCl. Hasmaturia. Preformed Combined Date. sulphates, grammes. sulphates, gramme. Ratio. 16th 4-4235 0-6936 6-5 etoricoxib arcoxia 18th 2-2274 0-4816 4-6

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